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Web Portfolio + Stage + PDHT Exhibition

Hey everyone! So it’s finally up and fully running! My web portfolio for my “Web Portfolio” class 🙂 YAY! Check it out: Spent all weekend working on it, including most nights of this week. But you know what? It wa
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Bullying Awareness Posters

For my Print Portfolio class, we have 1 project, and 1 project only in this class. This was to create 2 posters, each aimed at a different target audience: my generation and another.  Since the day I got inspired for the topic of this project, I’ve been wanting to write about it
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University Portfolio Completed!

After 3 weeks of grueling work, my portfolio that I am presenting to the Department of Design at  Concordia University is finally completed! Yes, the deadline is today, but at least I finished it on time and I couldn’t be any more proud of it. With the help from all my wonderful
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