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Carpool Poster

Carpool Poster

This is a poster that I made for the Graphic Design course I took during my 3rd semester Apparently it got chosen to be displayed at John Abbott College to promote Carpooling for all the students. Even though when I made it, I completely hated it (it took me like 5 minutes before going to bed) because I had a huge design-block that I couldn’t get through.

At first I tried drawing Noah’s Ark in Illustrator and putting wheels on it going down a long curvy road. Cheesy right? I know. Thank god I didn’t use that idea. It was totally lame. So this is what I ended up doing, and I guess since they’re going to be printing it, I might as well start to like it a bit more!

BTW- For those of you who know my work, this is what made me fall in love with Helvetica.

  1. James

    Why are we ‘Saving’ ‘Pollution’?
    I thought that’s what we want to get rid of.

  2. Beckii

    haha i know, i only realized how stupid that sounds after it was printed lmao

  3. Allison

    I like it, it’s simple but effective. Sometimes that’s when I do my best work, last minute right before bed lol

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