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As I’ve said previously in my other posts, over the Christmas holiday I worked my butt off! Buttttt I still don’t have enough time to post about them! I’ve decided to do it bit by bit. So today, is the logos!

I created 3 different logos, for 3 different clients. One is for an “alternative” downloading site called The Other Download Site, one is for classes for educational experiences to fitness professionals called Knowledge in Motion, and the last one is for a blog site about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle called Veda.

The first logo I made over the holidays ware the Veda logo. The customer wanted it very simple to start with, with a sans-serif font, and with a shade of green. So I pulled out all the possible different types of sans-serif font (I tried to stray away from Helvetica) and she ended up choosing a font called Eurofurence Light, which you can download on I also supplied her with various shades of green, and she picked this lime green color.

There will be a website coming out soon (it’s still in development) to go with the logo, so I’ll post that up once it’s completed.

Next was the Knowledge in Motion logo. Luckily, the client has a very open mind, and just told me to follow my heart for his work. The first version I made was all in navy blue shades, andddd kind of very boring. Here’s a preview:

Yeah…. soo…. I wasn’t too happy with the outcome.. I really needed to get away from Helvetica. So after some research, I turned it around to look like this:

Now THIS is a real logo. I am muchhhhh happier with the outcome. The colors pop, and the little men running on the left look much less sketchy than before. I love the final outcome, and so does the customer! In case you were wondering, the font I used is called Serif Black and Serif Medium Italic. Currently, you can find this logo on his website at, which I also designed and fully coded. It is still a work in progress and needs little tweeks here and there.

And finally, the last and latest one that I designed (on Saturday to be exact) is The Other Download Site logo. Long name, I know. I’ve been working with them since the summer, and again, the site is a work in progress. I work with their programmer, who manages their entire website and database collection. To make this clear, it is NOT an illegal downloading site. You pay for the songs that you download, but about 5 cents per song rather than a dollar. Anyways, in the summer I created this logo for them:

Very simple, like the first one, but I had to put emphasis on the word “Other” since it has to stand out from other normal downloading sites. They wanted a photo of a baby with headphones to be part of their logo, but knowing stock photo rules, you can’t do it. So just recently, he asked me to play around with the logo and place a pair of headphones hanging around the logo, or around the entire word “Other”. After tracing a pair of headphones, and shrinking it to fit around a letter, I place it on top of the “O” from “Other” and magic happened.

I swear I didn’t do this on purpose, I was simply playing around with it and never thought that the “O” is in the shape of a head! I placed the headphones on top of it and VOILA! It looks like a person’s face! The font that I used for the word is called LaPointe’s Road, and it has the most perfect swirl to it, making the top look like hair! Also, I played with the font to make the cross from the letter “t” from “Other” wrap around the headphone so it looks like it’s holding it. Is that not the awesomest thing ever? Well, maybe not, but I am sooo proud of this piece, it’s unbelievable.

So that’s it for now, it’s been a long 2nd day back at school, and I need to get up early to get some more work done. Hopefully Friday night I’ll have enough time to put together previews of my HUGE winter project to show you!

Until then, have a good week! And thanks again for reading! 🙂

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    Hey Beckii,

    Great Blog. Your enthusiasm jumps of the page!!! Interesting to see our website mentioned in a blog.

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