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“Toyo Ito” 3D Paper Typography/Architecture

This is actually a school project that I wanted to improve on because I wasn’t 100% satisfied when I handed it in for grading. I just spent my entire day retaking photos and editing them. 7 hours later, this is what you have! I created this project for DART442, a 3rd year typogr
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‘Rebranding’ Beckii Adel

Let me tell you right off the bat, I have come a longgggg way from my last post about the process and development of my new website and branding. Here’s a brief run-through of how I got to my final designs that you can see on my actual portfolio. I’ll start off with my moo
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Indulge Yourself – Book Project

So here it is, the full version to my book project! It’s not perfect, in the future I’d like to work on the typography in the intro and the conclusion a bit more. Just to recap, the book is about self-gifting and how women spend their money on material items. From start to
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